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A digital strategist and visual doer


What I do

Web design

Good digital products have a clear purpose. I design small websites and online stores from research and analysis to minimalist implementations on themes, business objectives in the core. My toolbox includes the good old pen, Photoshop, Shopify and WordPress, and I can also code simple things from scratch, like this website.

Web consulting

I help people to make the most of their websites. Identifying the flaws and opportunities is always based on data, but also benchmarking and perception. On a practical level, this usually means surveying the needs of the target audience, and analyzing user experience and KPIs, followed by prioritized recommendations.

Growth marketing

Backed with several years of digital marketing experience including pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, and newsletter production, I analyze, test, learn and make things happen. I love visual things and so am often also involved in design and branding related tasks.


Recent work

Six Deuce

Online store and digital marketing for Six Deuce

Six Deuce is an American fitness apparel brand. I drafted a user survey and designed and built the Finnish online store on Shopify based on the results. The main goal for the project was to enable a flawless shopping experience by focusing on the mobile user experience and to make it easy for the customers to find relevant information about shipping, payment methods and returns. I also craft all things digital marketing from newsletters and exit intention popups to AdWords search advertising and remarketing.

92 % of customers say it’s easy to find what they’re looking for
7,4 % mobile conversion rate growth (4/17 - 10/17 vs. 4/16 - 10/16)
17 % abandoned cart recovery rate (8/17 - 10/17)
100 % ROI on AdWords advertising (3/17 - 8/17)

Web Design, CSS, Sass, Shopify, Digital Marketing, AdWords, MailChimp

Visual identity and online store for Radhica

The side hustle and dream of my better half, Radhica is an ethically loaded online store for urban hippie girls. I created the visual identity, and designed and built it on Shopify as a minimum viable product which we’re continuously developing. I’m also the guy behind the camera for all the product photography, and have designed some print material as well.

Web Design, CSS, Shopify, Branding, Photography

WordPress website for Ennustepankki

Ennustepankki is a subsidiary of RELEX, the fast growing retail planning software vendor from Finland. Ennustepankki needed an up to date website to communicate its benefits to existing and future partners. The goal was to showcase the pricing of the service transparently, and encourage inquiries for joining. The website is fully customized on a ready theme.

Web Design, HTML, CSS, WordPress


Juha Ikonen

At the intersection of design and marketing

Juha is a mostly self-taught mix of growth marketer and web designer, particularly interested in how design and technology can solve business problems. His supervisors have praised him for his ability to not only strategize but also implement. Currently working as a freelance consultant, Juha is also a Shopify Partner. He’s a continuous learner and avid reader.

Reasonable command of HTML5, CSS3, SEO, PPC, CRO, Shopify, WordPress, Photoshop, HubSpot and MailChimp. Basics of Sass, jQuery, Liquid, UX, Illustrator and InDesign. Learning JavaScript, to draw, and to become a better person.

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